From general household junk to builders waste, we've got the skip bin for you. Book online or call us to find a solution that meets your needs.

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Standard Bin

Standard Bin 4m3

Perfect for general household & backyard clean-ups. 500kg included with hire. Fill with any general waste or green waste items. Up to 2 wheelbarrows of 'Heavy Waste' allowed.

Super Bin

Super Bin 4m3

Perfect for renovations & builders waste. 800kg included with hire. Fill with builders waste or any other accepted waste type. Up to 5 wheelbarrows of 'Heavy Waste'.

Waste Types Accepted

Waste Types Accepted

General Waste

Household junk, furniture, clothes, toys, packaging, timber, small appliances, office junk, plastic items, light construction materials

Green Waste

Garden waste, trees, clippings, branches, leaves

Builders Waste

Timber, plaster, cabinetry, doors & windows, carpet, metal, flooring, fittings, kitchen/ bathroom demolitions, construction materials.
Waste Types Not Accepted

Waste Types Not Accepted

Liquids, tyres, batteries, asbestos, paint, chemicals, explosive items, gas bottles, food, biological waste, oils, grease, medical waste. These items are strictly prohibited. Please call us to clarify any items or materials which you are unsure of.

Be safe & look after your planet.

Do the right thing.

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Heavy Waste

Soil, bricks, concrete, tiles, rocks, pavers, sand, liquids

Standard Bin

Include any general waste & green waste items (above) & up to 2 wheelbarrows of 'Heavy waste'.

Super Bin

Include any general, green and builders waste & up to 5 wheelbarrows of 'heavy waste'.

Still have questions about what can go in our bins? Give us a call 1300 10 66 10. As a family owned & operated business, we're here to help.